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As a Lake George native, I am blessed with a natural playground in my backyard. Each time I lace up my boots and venture out in the Southern Adirondacks, I continue to be surprised at the depth of experience and uniqueness of scenery. Each season has its own special beauty. I have a deep passion for exploring and growing my hiking resume.

During my childhood, my mother instilled in me a wonder for the natural world. My father fostered in me a sense of accomplishment as we sat eating our PB&Js on mountain tops, at the peaks close to home and in the high country of the Adirondacks and New England. That carried through as we eventually completed our ADK 46er. Feeling accomplished and tired of the long drives north, I rekindled my love for the Lake George Basin and all it has to offer.

Without the ability to escape into the mountains during my college years in Buffalo, the absence truly made the heart grow fonder. I also became aware that few of my friends were able to relate to my feelings of longing. It may have been one of the most important lessons of my college experience. Since then I have been able to share experiences in the mountains with my friends from all over the world. They now understand.

The need to expand my horizons led my move to Colorado . The mountains are described with a conversation that usually ends with “you have to see it for yourself.” During my time there, I was struck by the healthy lifestyle that everyone embraces, my love for the mountains, and the residents.

As my respect for the seemingly endless wilderness grew, I was gripped by the need to know that I could adventure safely. I became certified as a Wilderness First Responder to arm myself with the knowledge to prevent and react to emergencies. Shortly after, I participated in an avalanche safety course designed to intelligently plan backcountry winter routes.

Since then, I have moved home with newfound knowledge and drive. My vision is to provide tailored experiences in my natural playground to the landmarks and peaks of the Lake George Basin.

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