Why Hike with Jackson

The advantages go beyond mere route-finding and weather-prediction. A mountain guide will optimize your experience of the mountain by ensuring you get to see the best there is to see within your fitness and experience level.

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Increased Safety

Hiking is a risky activity, by hiking with an experienced licensed guide risks are significantly minimized as your guide will pick the safest route, can warn you of slippery rocks and areas and keeps an eye on changes in the weather. Your guide also has a Wilderness First Responder Certification which covers CPR, First Aid, Group Management in the Backcountry, Water Safety and has completed the Avalanche Safety Course for winter route safety.

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You Won’t Get Lost!

It’s easy to get lost, take a wrong turn and take an old well-worn herd path or closed path and this can not only be frustrating and ruin your trip but it can be also be dangerous bringing you back in the dark after hours. Your guide knows the routes and will keep an eye on the ever changing Adirondack weather to minimize risks to help you have a fun trip.

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Connect with your Loved Ones and Surroundings

Hiking in unknown territory can be stressful, but when following a guide who passionately shares local knowledge you can focus on being with your loved one and taking in the surroundings without looking desperately for the next orange, yellow, blue or red marker.

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Makes Family Hikes Fun

Hiking with children conjures up images of laughter, hugs and holding hands but in reality it can turn into whining, chants of how much longer, tears and sharp words. However, Hiking with Jackson is different, he’s great with kids and kids respect the guide and this can make for the trip you imagined full of bonding, love and laughter.

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Save Hours Researching All The Hikes

Your guide will pick the best option for you based on your skill level, group size, weather and current trail options so you don’t have to spend hours finding the right hike in the right location. We’ll provide you with great driving directions to meet us at the meeting point and a packing list and optional gear rentals.

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Learn More About the Region

While you hike, if desired your guide will share regional history and information about the area, your own private tour guide for any questions you have about Lake George and the Adirondacks

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Trail Closures and Alternative Routes and Conditions

Trails can be closed to overuse, trail conditions or may have been redirected to a new route. Your guide monitors this information to bring you to the best hike based on you and your group and current conditions.

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